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Making the Move

July 24, 2013

It’s been 8 months since my last post. What happened? If the last few posts before my long hiatus didn’t clue you in, I started eating a Paleo diet last fall and haven’t looked back. Okay, maybe there were a few brief affairs along the way, but for the most part I’ve been faithful to this new lifestyle for nearly a year now.

As you can imagine, this change has caused a few complications in my life. I’m a pastry chef. It’s my profession and my passion. How could I reconcile making pastries every day but no longer eating them? Naturally, I started experimenting with Paleo baking at home, and I’ve had some great success! So why haven’t I been sharing these recipes with you? I’m not really sure. I think part of me felt like you wouldn’t want to hear it. If you read my blog, you no doubt enjoy baking and eating baked goods, so I worried you would dismiss my new-found lifestyle as a phase, roll your eyes, and click “unsubscribe” from the blog.

So I went silent.

I miss blogging, though. There was a brief stint on a new blog where I chronicled doing a Whole30 challenge, and I shared a few recipes on there for yummy meals, but no baking. All of my pretty photography props have been packed away for months. My fancy DSLR camera has been left uncharged on my desk. It’s making me sad!

It’s time to start fresh, to turn over a new leaf, to start a new blog! Tart to Heart will stay here with all its tasty recipes available for all of you who want them. I’m very proud of all these recipes and all the time and energy I put into this blog. I aimed to provide you with healthier, whole food versions of your favorite indulgences, and I plan to do that still. On the new blog, I’ll be crafting creative and healthy treats as before, I’ll simply be doing them within Paleo parameters. I ask you, my faithful followers, to give the new blog a chance! Subscribe, read, try my recipes, and then decide for yourself if Paleo can be delicious. I obviously believe it can!

So, without further ado, introducing…

lucky clover header

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  1. August 19, 2013 8:41 pm

    Kudos for making a big change and being brave & willing to allow others to join in your adventure. Looking forward to some yummy recipes

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