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Exploring Seattle’s Markets #1: Fremont

May 11, 2010

My fondest memories of living in Ireland this past fall are mostly from those weekends spent wandering Galway’s outdoor market with my friends (mind you, this was almost every weekend). The fresh produce, barrels of olives and hummus, pastries, freshly shucked oysters, crepes, and, most importantly, falafel! I won’t go into greater detail because it will just upset you (and me), but the point is that I miss the Galway market. I need a replacement.

After a lovely Mother’s Day hike near Issaquah, my mom and I decided to take full advantage of the beautiful weather and hit an outdoor market. We rode the bus to Fremont to see what it had to offer. I recently bought this book and I was hoping to find some fresh produce so I could try some recipes out.

I’m sad to say that there was no produce to be had! The market had lots of arts & crafts, clothing, jars of jam and prepared foods, but lacked the ingredients to make your own supper. However, there were plenty of tasty options if you did want to eat something while perusing the booths. Veraci Pizza, MoBatta Crepes, tamales and tacos, thick slices of New York cheesecake (2 slices for $5!), BBQ pork sold from a hog-shaped bus, and…falafel! Good news indeed.

I’ll be curious to return to the market later in the season to see if more produce becomes available. Has anyone seen fresh produce here before?

Mom and I continued to browse through town, checking out our favorite little boutiques. We came upon a corner with an Italian sandwich shop and the word Gelato caught my eye. The outside of Royal Grinders was very unassuming in a quiet courtyard and I was expecting to find a run of the mill ice-cream-disguised-as-“gelato” bar. I was so pleasantly surprised! Pineapple-basil and strawberry-jalapeno sorbetto? Lavender and spiced chocolate gelato? So tasty! The fun part? Every order comes with a tiny extra scoop on top so you can try a new flavor. The small taste I had of my mom’s mini strawberry-jalapeno scoop was so tantalizing I want to return ASAP to eat a full serving.

Another exciting find was Flying Apron Bakery. I’d heard of this vegan, gluten-free, organic bakery before and I was eager to sample its offerings. I have very little experience with gluten-free baking so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The cookies and cupcakes looked appealing, but some, like the scones and tea cakes, looked ungainly. At the end of the row I eyed an apple walnut tart that looked plenty tempting, so we bought a slice to go. We enjoyed it later that night after dinner and I truly mean enjoyed. The bakery also uses alternative sweeteners such as agave nectar and fruit juices, so how they got this tart to taste so brown sugary is a mystery I’d love to uncover! If gluten-free and vegan can taste this good, then I’d love to try more of Flying Apron’s treats. These folks also have a cookbook out.

Apple Walnut Tart

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  1. monica linger permalink
    May 11, 2010 11:15 pm

    I haven’t be to the Fremont market in years, but, have you ever been to Paseo’s? It’s just up the street toward the zoo and is one of our favorites. Nice and spicy!

    • May 12, 2010 8:37 am

      No I haven’t been there, but I’ll have to check it out the next time I’m in the area!

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